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Sveikos gyvensenos klubas


Healthy lifestyle club Anykščiuose activities began in 1991, five anykštėnams departure in the Republican "Fok Festival in Palanga. Next year, "Fok celebration attended by more anykštėnų.Kaskart sveikuolių activity didėjo.Tad 1996 was founded in association Anykščių healthy lifestyle club, led by Dalia Merfeldienė, and since 2006 - the year Šerelienė mildew. It has long been members of the club no longer bathe the Baltic Sea, or Holy, no longer live sveikai.Per both years was born in understanding that a healthy lifestyle needs to find and get to know yourself, interest in old traditions, creating and maintaining lasting values.

Healthy lifestyle - is not only physical health: healthy food, exercise, physical preparation, but also spiritual perfection: art, culture, folk tradition.

    This is what is the feeling that came from far ancestors, parents, childhood. Feeling is also thoughts, feelings, desires, poelgiai.Mes enclosed by the external environment next to people in their country, culture, tradition, a gamtos.Todėl main objective of the association - to help people to shape the way of life, addressing the main conscious life: family , Labor, interior and the outside world kūrimą.To can communicate with others, learning the same from you.

  Association members appreciate the club "soul" - Svetlana Smertjevai which divide the light, warmth and love, constantly buriančiai colleagues. She - seminars, concerts, camps, excursions, meetings with artists, actors and the initiator and organizer.

2008 Spring Association adopted the club in the Healthy Life "Madona rainbow." PC "Norfa open cultural traditions studio, which is the choice of companions, where you can not just drink coffee or tea, read books, buy souvenirs and paintings, but also to" study "to share their knowledge, experience, gentleness, smile, listen, help to find help. Just beat ... ourselves, with ourselves and with others ...

What is the rainbow? In various cultures it intetrpretuojama savaip.Tai bridge between earth and sky, between reality and the imaginary world, the fragility and eternity. Each bėgę there are farther ... toward the horizon ... to achieve it. Anywhere in the world, it bepasirodytų, people still admire the beauty and magic.

What does "Madona rainbow? Come and Suprasliensis ... without words, without the drawings, one of the inner jutimu.Yra things about which we know that they are much more important than the tangible world dalykus.Ir they do not need words! Come, pabūk and ... pajausk.